What are the benefits of bespoke training?

By Graham Chapman, Director of Learning and Development

The origin of 20/20 was working in collaboration with our clients to develop bespoke, tailored project management programmes based on their project management processes, policies and practices. Our clients benefited from this approach because their employees were trained on their own governance and methodologies, leading to more controlled and successful project outcomes.

These programmes were developed by working in partnership with our clients to truly understand how project management was undertaken across their business, identifying gaps where applicable, and then creating an engaging, contextualised learning programme to develop people across their business. Our course developers and facilitators work to understand the client s processes which form the focus of training needs and collaborate to meet those needs. Typically the developer or lead facilitator will act as a training focal point to ensure changes to client governance will be reflected in the training provided.

Executing learning programmes in this way, provides learners with an understanding of the methodology they should be following, and in-turn creates a consistent language and approach to the delivery of projects. This enables project team members to move from project to project, with a consistent understanding of what is expected of them, and how projects will be delivered.

Implementation of a tailored learning programmes can deliver very clear and tangible benefits back into the business, for example:

  • Direct correlation between effective project management and the delivery of the client s business objectives
  • Facilitated roll out of the client s project management processes creating a common project management culture and approach to the management of projects
  • Breakdown of silos that may exist within the organisation through the participation of a cross section of the company s roles within each course
  • Tangible improvements in the delivery of projects through the implementation of specific post-course assignments and actions
  • Identification of the barriers and challenges affecting successful project execution interaction and ways to successfully overcome them
  • Ensure a common basis of understanding, helping to support and enhance a common company culture based on the delivery of successful projects

20/20 will often work with our clients to create tiered learning programmes which address the varied requirements across the different levels within their organisation. For example, provision of a foundational level programme for project support personnel or personnel moving into project management, through to comprehensive and specialised programmes for project managers and directors which can be delivered to suit operational requirements.

Over time, project management qualifications have increased in popularity and this has been strengthened by The Association for Project Management (APM) attaining Chartered status in 2018. This is a huge boost for the profession and the wide range of available accreditations provide a route which addresses all levels of project management knowledge and ability. While these accreditations and associated learning are useful, learners often find difficulty relating them to their projects and day to day business, this is where a client focussed specific learning programme can bridge the gap between best practice and real application.

In conclusion, during the 20 years 20/20 Project Management have been in operation, the project management profession has become more mature, providing the ability for people to become accredited at several levels. This progress is beneficial in providing a common understanding of the best practices in project management; however this does not replace the benefits realised from a specific and focussed tailored project management training solution.

The costs to create a tailored course are not prohibitive and the potential return on investment is huge. If you would like to hear more about this from us, or our clients please get in touch.


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