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Bespoke Learning


We believe the true benefit from any learning experience comes when the knowledge is used to deliver value to the individual and ultimately back to the organisation.


Client specific

Where possible we incorporate your processes and procedures into our programmes and ensure application of all learning directly to you. This in turn maximizes project success and organisational performance.

Programme Development and Delivery

Our approach is based on the principle that learning is more effective if it is interactive, participative, relevant and fun. These 4 main principles are applied throughout the design, development and delivery of all our programmes in addition to application of Kolb’s learning model to ensure learning is highly engaging.

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Enterprise Licenses


The 20/20 Enterprise License offers a solution to organisations with multiple users to buy training products and software licenses under one agreement.

You will receive the best pricing, discounts and added benefits designed to support learning and development within your organisation. We offer 24/7 technical and content support as well as technical training.

20/20's Enterprise Licenses can be accessed through the Cloud or embedding directly into your own Learning Management System. Organisations chose between ‘per user’ or unlimited licensing models, allowing for flexible cost solutions best suited to your business.

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Competency Management


Competency Assessments use a competency framework which is a model that broadly defines the blueprint for excellent performance within an organisation or sector. 20/20 use internationally recognised Project Management Competency Frameworks to assess members of your Project Management Community against international standards.

Our highly experienced team can build Bespoke Competence Frameworks to establish the training paths that learners may take within your organisation. We have developed assessment tools which provides a robust, holistic and clear set of standards. These Competency Assessments are specifically tailored to the needs, goals and pressures of your organisation.

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The APM Competence Framework

  1. The Competency Assessment process is structured as follows:
  2. Receive the assessment pack and use the instructions to complete the self-assessment
  3. Assessment and a CV is sent to the assessor who evaluates the candidate assessment against the selected role profile
  4. The candidate’s Competency Assessment is compared by the assessor against the competence levels of the role profile
  5. Candidate is interviewed to confirm understanding of what the competence meant

This leads to two evaluations:

  1. Using the candidate’s revised assessment (after interview assessment), identify the gaps against the current role profile
  2. Selecting the next higher role profile and what competences need to be addressed
In the case where the candidate’s competence level meets the role profile competence requirements, then there is no short-term development needed. The focus is then on the long-term development plan and how to get the candidate to the higher role profile.

The gap in competences is presented based on the following:

  1. Top up Required – This means there is a small gap between APM’s profile and the candidate’s assessment
  2. Gap Identified – This means there is a bigger gap between APM’s profile and the candidate’s assessment
20/20 also use the Project Management Institute (PMI) Competency Framework where it is more relevant to your organisation, or where it is being used to design training interventions based on the PMI’s accreditation framework.


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