Client feedback for bespoke course development and delivery

We believe the true benefit from any learning experience comes when the knowledge is used to deliver value to the individual and ultimately back to the organisation. At 20/20, we can help design and deliver bespoke training suited to you and your organisation, if you'd like to know more please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 

One of our clients was kind enough to provide us with the below feedback regarding our bespoke training that we have been delivering for a number of years. We hope you find this Q&A useful.  

1. Pre-training scoping

Were the training requirements and supporting materials scoped and agreed in a timely and structured manner with an understanding of the business, its audience and the benefits to be derived from the training?

Yes, 20/20 have always made a great effort to work collaboratively with our L&D team and our wider business stakeholders, to ensure the courses they provide us are relevant to our needs and in line with our key business messages. Since we began working with 20/20 in 2012 they have always delivered within a timely and structured manner, working with us to agree and then meet deadlines.

2. Quality and delivery

Were you happy that the framework of training was delivered to high quality, by knowledgeable trainers and as agreed in the pre-scoping exercise? Did learning materials meet your business needs and support learners in their transfer of knowledge?

Yes. We have worked with 20/20 since 2012, we often review training and materials, and 20/20 are always very conscious about ensuring they have up to date business knowledge so the training is always fresh and relevant. The training 20/20 deliver is of a high standard and I would highly recommend the company and their trainers.


3. Impact and objectives

Are your staff and the business benefiting from added value as a direct result from the learning, did it meet its purpose and objectives and did the vendor actively adapt to meet the business requirements and needs during the life of the project?

Yes. A few years back to determine whether behavioral change was happening as a result of internal support alone or because of the training aligned with internal support, we ran a test group alongside a cohort for one of our 20/20 courses; the results showed that there was increased behavioral change for those who attended the training.


4. Client service and post learning - summary

Did you receive the agreed level of quality, commitment, timeframes, cost as agreed with the vendor for the pre and post training and support?

Yes. 20/20 work very collaboratively and in a partnership to ensure you receive the highest level of support and customer care; having been their main contact since 2012 within the business and have to date no complaints with regards to quality, commitment, timeframes and cost as agreed.


5. Challenges and professionalism

What challenges did you encounter and how did the vendor help to resolve these? Was the vendor professional and would you work with them again?

In my experience we have not encountered any challenges as such, and I wonder if this is because of the partnership approach in place. If we give feedback, have queries or concerns, our account manager has always been approachable, happy to help and always easy to get in contact with. Likewise, the facilitators we use are approachable, friendly and always open to feedback and amending style or approach if needed.

I think it is testament itself that we have maintained a relationship with 20/20 for eight years’ and have asked them to work with us to design and deliver new courses within this time, as well as providing our APM suite of courses. I would highly recommend them.


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