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Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom courses deliver the benefits of classroom training with the convenience of learning in a location of your choice without the expense of travel, accommodation and lost hours away from work.

The two main reasons for learning through a Virtual Classroom environment are Learning Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness

Learning Effectiveness


  • Instructor-led methodology: The value of an instructional setting that is two-way, person-to-person in real time is evident. 20/20’s Virtual Classroom courses deliver the same valuable features as the traditional classroom does. While the two-way, face-to-face feature may not be of the same proximity, the participant can enjoy the benefits of a classroom, instructor-led, interactive sessions from the comfort of their own workspace.
  • Continuous learning environment: Learning through 20/20’s Virtual Classroom courses offer a continuous and varied learning experience. In addition to the several tools applied during a Virtual Classroom session, the learning environment extends to include social media, polling, whiteboards, break-out rooms, digital libraries and video resources
  • Availability to the most remote: As businesses and workforces became globally remote, participation in the same training at the same time with one’s colleagues became a real challenge. 20/20’s Virtual Classroom offers learning opportunities for even the most distant team members.
  • Enhanced learning through media enhancement: The format of 20/20’s Virtual Classroom is a live broadcast event, this allows a number of media elements to be included in the actual Learning session such as: visual, video, audio, interaction, polling, chatting, games, quizzes, tests and more. The effective integration of these components assists in embedding learning throughout the sessions by helping ensure learners receive and retain key learning messages through use of differing medium.
  • Instructional interaction and engagement: Through the use of engagement tools on an instant basis, Virtual Classroom Sessions enliven and enhance the facilitation, making it engaging for the participant.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Travel expenses are not a concern since a Virtual Classroom requires no travel to an onsite location, for either the instructor or student as both can be situated in a location which is convenient to both.
  • Accommodation costs are removed. Facilitators and learners have no reason to stay in hotels because they can participate in virtual courses from their own worksites or from home.
  • Lost time costs are reduced significantly. Travel to extended onsite training sessions previously invoked lost-time expenses, as did the classroom time itself. As our Virtual Classroom sessions are comprised of shorter modular delivery and require no time off work to travel, the savings can be significant.
  • Training materials are no longer a cost item. Online materials and the hands-on interactivity using digital media eliminate the expense of hardcopy training materials such as workbooks, handouts and wall visuals.

Please note, our Virtual Classroom Training Courses are all delivered by a Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF).