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Tailored Project Management Programs

20/20 believe the real benefit from any learning experience comes when the knowledge and learning is used to deliver a benefit to the individual and ultimately back to the organization and business.

20/20 believe this can only be achieved by working closely with our clients, identifying their business needs, objectives and drivers and subsequently designing a program which will deliver a direct improvement and impact on the areas identified.

Client specific

Although 20/20’s programs are based around Best Practice in Project management, we believe the relevance and application into our client’s organization is the most important. Therefore, where possible we incorporate our client’s processes and procedures into our programs and ensure application of all learning directly to them. This in turn maximizes project success and organizational performance.

Program Development and Delivery

20/20’s approach to program delivery is based on the principle that learning is more effective if it is interactive, participative, relevant and fun. These 4 main principles are applied throughout the design, development and delivery of all our programs in addition to application of Kolb’s learning model.

Kolb’s Learning Model

20/20 use David Kolb’s learning styles model and Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) to ensure that differing learning styles are addressed and that learning is engaging and highly participative. Kolb’s learning theory sets out four distinct learning styles, which are based on a four-stage cycle of learning, in which ‘immediate or concrete experiences’ provide a basis for ‘observations and reflections’. These ‘observations and reflections’ are assimilated and distilled into ‘abstract concepts’ producing new implications for action which can be ‘actively tested’ in turn creating new experiences.