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What are the Benefits of Achieving a Project Management Qualification or Certification?

Both an individual and the organisation they work for should benefit from an individual achieving a project management qualification or certification.

Benefits of achieving a project management qualification to you as an individual:
  • Provides you with additional portable knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools in order to be more successful in managing or delivering projects and programmes.
  • Demonstrates to the employer that you have the desire and commitment to learn and improve themselves and therefore raise your individual profile within the organisation. This establishes you as a continuous learner. Learning is a value unto itself and those around you will respect and admire you for it.
  • Enhances career development prospects through having achieved an externally recognised project management qualification or certification. It can also be a differentiator against the competition. You are more likely to be considered by employers if you have project management certification against someone who does not.
  • Provides an externally wide benchmark of an individual’s project management knowledge and competence.
  • You can be a better mentor. The ability to mentor is based greatly on experience, but the best mentors can reach beyond their experience. They are able to reflect on their experience and relate it to someone else’s entirely different experience.

Benefits of achieving a project management qualification to the organisation:
  • Best-practice knowledge, skills, tools and techniques acquired through the training necessary to achieve a project management qualification are deployed back in the work place.
  • Supports individuals with their personal and career development planning. This in turn can result in increased appreciation of, and commitment to the organisation, by the individual.
  • Improved capability and competence to deliver an organisation’s programmes or projects, resulting in increasing customer satisfaction and reputation, saving costs, utilising resources more effectively and positively impacting morale.
  • Improves an organisation’s own project or programme management methods and processes through gaining an understanding of best practice.
  • Enhances the credibility of the organisation to own clients and customers through having project or programme staff that have achieved externally recognised certification or qualification.
  • External recognition of an individual’s project management knowledge and capabilities indicating a core level of embedded understanding, which is then likely to be applied back in the work place.