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Project Delivery Frameworks – Increase Project Success

As we already know, projects are unique in their nature and differ vastly from company to company and hugely from industry to industry. However, they all have the same common theme and that is to achieve a desired outcome.

Many things can go wrong when managing projects. These can include: poor communication, misunderstandings, poor management, poorly defined goals and objectives, disagreement, bad weather etc.

Many organisations face the same common challenges and issues that can cause projects to overrun, over spend and ultimately fail – all leading to bad stakeholder relations, internal confusion and ultimately poor business performance.

These challenges can include:
  • No standardisation and a lack of realisation of the benefits standardisation can bring
  • A lack of knowledge of process across project teams
  • Duplication of templates and processes
  • Project managers are unable to find relevant project documents or templates
  • Project administration is paper based with excessive files and folders
  • Difficulty navigating around existing processes
  • Poor or no use of existing and readily available applications e.g. SharePoint

It is vital to focus on the lifecycle, complexity and process gaps of the biggest possible project an organisation will undertake in order to blueprint a suitable Project Delivery Framework design to match the necessary requirements of that organisation. Therefore making the system fully bespoke to that organisation.

So what is a Project Delivery Framework?

A Project Delivery Framework is a structured and secure system for both embedding best-practice project procedures and hosting all of the associated documents, templates and instructions. It is a bespoke project information centre which can be applied to and tailored for business’s project needs.

It is a fully interactive application built on a SharePoint 2013 platform that links project lifecycle to consistent project delivery templates, through a tailored suite of decision support packages, guidelines and instructions. Data capture and project delivery becomes consistent across the complete project portfolio. It allows appropriate visibility for all project team members and ensures that everyone has fast and effective access to relevant documents.
It can be hosted within an organisation’s existing SharePoint infrastructure, whether on an internal server, in an “Office 365” hosted environment, or hosted externally.

What are the benefits of a Project Delivery Framework?
  • Standardisation and knowledge of Project processes
  • Simplification
  • Optimisation of time, money and resources
  • Organisational learning and information flow – It can start to identify deficiencies and development plans
  • Resource optimisation – Project Manager’s can then take on more projects
  • Increased efficiency and visibility
  • More informed decision making and stage gate analysis
  • Better governance and compliance
  • Higher project success and profitability
  • More effective time management

A Project Delivery Framework offers a bespoke project delivery system to enable any organisation to run consistently successful projects and in turn increase their overall business performance.