How to become a manager with CMI

By Tom Vincent, CEO 20/20 Business Insight Limited

So many people get promoted to the position of Manager because they are technically excellent at their role, but so often they get little to no development on what it takes to be successful in the new role.

For me, understanding what Good Management and Leadership looks like is a never ending journey. I feel I am constantly getting things wrong, but try hard not to repeat the mistakes. Awareness is the first step to realising your mistakes and understanding how you can do things better.

Completing the CMI Level 5 Diploma in 2019 and subsequently becoming a Chartered Manager in 2020 provided me with a real exposure to management tools and techniques. It helped me to stop and think about the environment I work in and about alignment of the business strategy, the department objectives and most importantly how individuals all feed in to the bigger picture.

The CMI has varying qualifications at different levels of the management and leadership ladder, from aspiring Managers through to Strategic level business leaders. There is also the opportunity to pick units that are most applicable to you.


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