Grace’s Virtual Classroom Experience

An interview with Project Manager, Grace Hamilton from Costain

How did you hear about the APM?
Through Costain’s Learning & Development team

Why did you decide to undertake the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification and the APM Risk Level 1 Qualification?
To develop a basic understanding of concepts of project management and project risk to enable me to communicate with project professionals and utilise the basics in my role.

How relevant to your project experience did you find the content for both courses?
I thought the content was pitched correctly for someone at my level, with little previous knowledge or practical experience. The content was specific enough to help understanding but general enough to be applicable to a variety of scenarios and enabled everyone to participate and add value to the discussions.

How did you find the overall experience of the Virtual Classroom delivery?
I really enjoyed the virtual classroom delivery. In absence of being able to undertake training, the adobe connect software enabled a balance between sharing slides, swim lanes and breakout rooms.

Which element of the Virtual Classroom delivery did you find the most beneficial?
I liked the use of breakout rooms and swim lanes to engage different people who have different preferences and confidence levels.

How did you find the interaction during the Virtual Classroom sessions?
During the PFQ sessions, I was in a smaller group of varying companies and experience levels. I found that the engagement in this group was fairly good, once people had warmed up and were familiar with the set up and format, it was inclusive and social. During the Project Risk training, I was part of a larger group (all from the same company) and found that it was more challenging to get a good level of interaction from the attendees.

Did the trainer encourage engagement throughout?
Yes! George was brilliant and coaxed responses from people in a way that built their confidence throughout the duration of the courses.

Did you feel supported by the trainer despite learning remotely?
Yes, George was encouraging and supportive throughout. During both courses, people were experiencing technical difficulties (which is to be expected) and he went above and beyond trying to support during the breaks throughout the day.

Did you have any reservations about learning in the Virtual Classroom?
I was hesitant at first as I think it’s challenging to create an inclusive environment with a group of strangers that are unable to be in the same room. I was genuinely surprised with how the trainer and virtual classroom helped to encourage participation and make everyone comfortable to participate.

How likely would you be to recommend 20/20’s Virtual Classroom courses to a colleague/friend?
Very likely. Great way to learn and meet new people from across the country (&world!!)


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