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Virtual and online support for every level of project management!

NEW to the Project Management training world!

20/20, in collaboration with the Association for Project Management, have finalised the build of a complete suite of certification support available virtually and online.


*The Masters of Science in Project Management has been developed in partnership with York Business School. It has credit transfer from PMQ and above and is entirely online. It is built around the ChPP competencies and therefore is a route 1 ChPP entry point.

Benefits of this complete package of online and virtual classroom support:

  • At 20/20, we can look after the entire suite of professional and academic APM certifications without the learner ever having to travel to a training venue.

  • Organisations can feel confident in the available and certified skillset within their project teams without having to spend extra travel budget or losing travel time from their key people.

  • Individuals can upskill and prepare for a surge in project roles without having to leave home.

  • Certified Online Learning Facilitators have designed every part of this suite of products, ensuring there is no drop in efficiency or knowledge transfer.

  • This cradle-to-grave support is entirely interchangeable, and classroom support can be introduced if appropriate.
This virtual classroom and online availability is unique in the market. Contact us now to discuss if it is right for you.

In partnership with:


20/20 virtual and online courses are designed by Certified Online Learning Facilitators specifically for those delivery methods: