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Quality First - Virtual Classroom Delivery

20/20 have built our company on the reputation of quality training delivery – focussed on engaging, interactive delivery which leaves learners with a lasting impression and skills to bring back to their place of work.

Historically the setting for this has been the physical classroom.

As we are all too aware, the year 2020 has turned everything on its head and made physical classroom training all-but impossible. Fortunately, for over 3 years we have had experience in Virtual Classroom development and delivery driven by some global clients requirements.

This year we have re-developed every one of our programmes to run in the Virtual Classroom with two ESSENTIAL, non-negotiable requirements:

  • Focus on developing high quality, interactive, learner focussed material
  • Ensure the material is delievered by facilitators who are skilled in the techniques required for this type of environment in addition to the subject matter being delivered

To meet these requirements, we use the full functionality of available technology to deliver high quality, interactive learning driven sessions. Our experienced course developers and deliverers can create an immersive experience which allows us to
do just about everything we could in a face to face environment.

Our learners are able to interact with each other and their facilitator and we work hard to give everyone a voice. Every session includes several media elements such as visual, video, audio, polling, chatting, games, quizzes, tests and more. The effective integration of these components helps embed learning throughout the sessions by allowing learners to receive and retain key messages in different ways. Our benchmark is to have delegates interacting every 90 seconds – not allowing their attention to sway from the subject in hand.

One delegate fed back:

“I was hesitant at first as I think it’s challenging to create an inclusive environment with a group of strangers that are unable to be in the same room. I was genuinely surprised with how the trainer and virtual classroom helped to encourage participation and make everyone comfortable to participate.”

We provide recordings of the sessions and also allow downloads of additional material from within one environment. This allows delegates who are foccusing on a qualification to utilise these resocurces in their own time.

We are able to test learning through interactive quizzes and the facilitator is able to monitor interaction and levels of attention from all delegates to ensure inclusion.  We are also able to gather crucial feedback from our learners and carry out internal quality improvements to ensure our standards are enhanced. A delegate from Network Rail fed back the following: “I've found the experience really good.  I thought I'd struggle to engage not being in a classroom but there's an excellent mix of interaction and learning.”

In summary – the quality, learner  focussed, interactive style of delivery that 20/20 have built their reputation on is at the core of our virtual delivery platform. The excellent feedback we have been recieving is amazing and we will continue to innovate in this space to enhance our delegates learning experience.

“I really enjoyed the virtual classroom delivery. In absence of being able to undertake training, the adobe connect software enabled a balance between sharing slides, swim lanes and breakout rooms.  The facilitator was brilliant and coaxed responses from people in a way that built their confidence throughout the duration of the courses. I cant speak highly enough about 20/20 and have already recommend them to many colleagues.”  Course Delegate - Costain

“From initially being a little sceptical of delivery of learning through a virtual environment, I am now a huge advocate of learning through this medium. From initially learning what tools and techniques were effective in a Live Online learning environment, 20/20 embraced their traditional culture of designing and delivering interactive, participate, contextualised learning and built this into the virtual environment. The result is collaborative, effective and valuable learning experience delivered virtually but still aligned with 20/20’s core learning philosophy.” Graham Chapman – Director of Learning & Development 20/20