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20/20 – A Leader in Supporting Chartered Project Professionals

With the Register of Chartered Project Professionals launching on Wednesday 31st October 20/20 are proud to announce the successful applications of two of our facilitators along with delegates who completed their ChPP journey with the support of 20/20.

David Coombes & Munther Mahsoub, our lead ChPP & RPP Consultants were amongst the 271 strong group of ChPP applicants to successfully become the UK’s first Chartered Project Professionals.  As well as this being a huge personal achievement, it is also a triumph for 20/20 as it strengthens the quality and knowledge of our facilitators, allowing us to continue to provide the highest level of training.

Along with the delegates achieving Chartership with the support of 20/20, 10% of the total applicants on the register completed their Registered Project Professional (RPP) with 20/20, opening the route 2 ChPP option for them – a testament to the quality of both our support package structure and our consultants who guide delegates through these challenging applications.  

20/20 provide support packages for every route of ChPP with face to face and online sessions, covering all elements of the application to ensure the delegates are in the best position possible to have a successful application.

Debra Carr of Costain, one of 20/20’s delegates to successfully become a Chartered Project Professional, describes her achievement – “Achieving my Chartered Project Professional has been a great achievement in my career and is recognition of my commitment to Project Management.  I feel delighted to be one of the first Chartered Project Professionals and to have been a part of this unique opportunity.  Throughout my journey 20/20 provided invaluable support which I have no doubt contributed to my success in the application.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to begin their ChPP journey.  It is a large undertaking and 20/20 are there to guide you through each step of the way.”

Another 20/20 delegate, Jakaria Rahman of Apache also explains why it is important to seek support from an accredited training provider when undertaking your Chartership “Using 20/20 to facilitate and also provide a sounding board was really beneficial in putting together the application. Having to collate this body of evidence whilst doing your day job was extremely challenging. 20/20 really helped me in achieving the deadlines and getting the content just right.”

The launch of the register has been a significant step for the Project Management profession, demonstrating the official recognition of individual commitment to the profession as well as providing businesses with the ability to enhance their standard of professional practice.

Following on the launch of the register, 20/20 kicked off their first Cohort with Sir Robert McAlpine, where 37 delegates in total will start their Chartership journey, with the guidance of our consultants.  Sir Robert McAlpine are one of many clients looking to create a high standard within the industry by creating a framework for their employees.

Sir Robert McAlpine ChPP Cohort
Sir Robert McAlpine Cohort with 20/20.

20/20 look forward to continuing to work with both individual and clients at this exciting time.  To discuss how our Chartered Project Professional support packages can benefit you, call a member of our team on +44 (0)808 168 2020.