APM Practitioner Qualification Criteria

For the APM Practitioner Qualification (APM PQ) Assessment, all assessment criteria shown are important and contribute to the pass/fail decision for each candidate, however, a Practitioner Qualification will not be awarded to candidates who do not demonstrate at least a basic/partial capability in the assessment criteria shown in bold.

  1. Determine stakeholders and their influence and interests
  2. Design the optimal project organisation
  3. Analyse and understand project success criteria and business benefits
  4. Analyse and understand project constraints and dependences
  5. Identify project risks and assumptions
  6. Identify project issues
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of project context and the overall business case
  8. Define the scope of the project
  9. Demonstrate a comprehensive application of project management planning
  10. Apply a risk management process competently to the project
  11. Apply a quality management process competently to the project
  12. Demonstrate an ability to incorporate best value approaches
  13. Demonstrate an awareness of generic legal and contractual issues
  14. Prepare for a negotiation with a supplier of critical services for the project
  15. Analyse conflict situations and apply an appropriate style to resolve the issue
  16. Objectively reflect on the performance of self and other team members
  17. Present information clearly and factually
  18. Answer questions relevantly and succinctly
  19. Optimise project plans to respond to a major change
  20. Apply effective change control and configuration management
  21. Balance conflicting stakeholder expectations
  22. Demonstrate an ability to monitor project progress and take suitable controlling action
  23. Plan and conduct a suitable post project evaluation review
  24. Objectively identify lessons to be learned separating causes from effects
  25. Communicate succinctly in writing
  26. Lead and influence a small team
  27. Work effectively as a team member
  28. Communicate verbally in an appropriate way (including listening)
  29. Obtain information through use of appropriate questions
  30. Present compelling recommendations to project sponsor (board/steering group)

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