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20|20 Business Insight’s very own CEO Tony Marks is quoted throughout  The Times first report on Project Management!!











Reaching 1.3 million readers the report champions the power of project management as a strategic implementation at all levels of business. It explores the importance of project management in consistently delivering business results and in staying ahead of the pack in today’s competitive and chaotic global economy. It really is an excellent overview of the importance of Project Management with some very informative and interesting articles. Here’s a snapshot of what’s included with some powerful statements justifying project management and project management training.


Is Project Management a Profession? Or can anyone do it with a bit of tuition? It’s a raging debate says Tony. He goes on to explain how some industries, such as oil and gas, prefer to take their technical experts and put them through project management training. However the danger here is that these technical experts concentrate more on their own comfort zone areas rather than managing the overall project. Tony has seen this happen on many occasions. In these situations a dedicated Project Manager is worth their weight in goldhe states.

This particular article goes on to conclude that absolutely everyone can benefit from learning Project Management, to enhance their skills and apply to these to any discipline.

Companies need to pay much more attention to training because when projects fail, organisations lose money and market share, and become much less likely to execute their strategies. Increasingly companies are realising that staff with project management skills adds real value to a business.

The next wave of economic growth is likely to come from emerging economies and new projects. Now is the time for organisations to be thinking of increasing their project management capabilities. Effective project management can not only achieve focused objectives, but also result in wider and longer term benefits for an organisation as a whole.

These statements enforce the need for quality project management training. 20|20 Business Insight can provide this with our full range of project management, business and leadership training courses.

So what does the future hold for project management? In a tough economic climate and with so many more stakeholders involved with projects, particularly those involving construction. Tony goes on to say – Significantly more effort has to be put into specific areas of project management, such as stakeholder management and risk management”.

Project performance and change management are also discussed. Implementing a strategy involves changes to people, processes, products, services and everything associated with them. This is where our consulting services come in. Our ultimate aim is to help you optimise your business and project performance. Tony, along with all of our consultants, has over 100 years of experience between them. 20|20 prides itself on our professionalism and experience in the delivery of project management consulting services and training. It is all that we do.

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We will continue to pull out highlights of this excellent report.

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