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Why leadership matters!

Developing your leadership capabilities can impact directly on your company’s profitability. It can give you the confidence to create innovative strategies and make bolder business decisions.

Strong leadership is synonymous with high performing organisations. Did you know they spend on average 36% more on management and leadership development per manager per year than low performing organisations?

Organisations that invest in leadership:
  • Make better decisions
  • Get more done in less time with lower costs
  • Achieve better results
  • Increase staff loyalty

Most organisations have the intellectual horsepower, knowledge and experience required to excel. It’s the ability to integrate these elements that is the missing link. Powerful teamwork can only take place in a culture where people willingly tune their individual agenda to common goals. Creating such an environment is a call for leadership.

The way you lead your team defines how they will respond during periods of growth and expansion.

Leadership matters because no one and nothing comes to success without it. Virtually every great accomplishment has at its core, solid leadership. When everything is going well it is leadership that keeps people from getting complacent. When things are going poorly it is leadership that rights the ship, it is leadership that sets the new course and it is leadership that provides hope.

Hope is one of the greatest things a leader can give their people. Without hope effort and progress grind to a halt. Leadership matters in the absence of hope because experienced leaders will manufacture hope from despair.

It must be understood that there is a clear distinction between leadership and management.

Leadership has been described as the work done by a leader who uses intelligence to succeed. Complete leadership starts with the vision and builds relationships with people who share the vision and who will take on the task of achieving the vision.

Management uses structure, rules and processes in order to control and predict results in a more stable situation. The success of management is seen in the industrial empires where people can be used interchangeably and as replaceable parts.

Leadership is about making a difference for other people and when a leader fails, their people fail too. Leadership matters because people matter. It has always been that way and as long as there are people to be led, it will always be that way.

Why would you not invest in the leadership and management skills of your people?

20|20 Business Insight deliver bespoke and contextualised courses specifically for you. These are not open courses. These are in-house courses that will deliver effectiveness and knowledge specifically to your people and with specific reference to your unique business needs and pressures.

The courses are delivered at a place of your choice, whether that be at your offices or at a convenient location.

Our Leadership and Management courses are delivered by highly experiences and professional course facilitators. Having worked at board level for highly successful companies, they now bring their experience and expertise into the classroom for your benefit.