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Why Invest in Project Management Training?

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Are your projects delivered late?
  • Are your projects costing too much to deliver?
  • Is your bottom line under pressure from spiralling costs?
  • Are lessons not being learned from projects?
  • Is there a lack of standard methodology and communication between your project teams?

At 20/20 Business Insight, we understand that many, many people are Project Managers without knowing it! Projects come in many different shapes and sizes, and in many different levels of complexity. From shipbuilding, construction, developing a new drug, sending a satellite into space and oil and gas production to small changes in existing processes, organising a company meeting, or building a shed. We also understand the fundamental relationship between successful project delivery and maximising profit on a business level.

Using 20|20 Business Insight’s vast experience of Project consulting and training delivery, we are delighted to offer a series of Project Management training courses that will increase the effective delivery of projects, programs and portfolios in your organization.

“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the engine that moves an organization forward.”

What Management Skills are Most Important To Your Organization?

Better Project Management benefits every part of a business. Taking a course and increasing your own knowledge is the best start to becoming the best Project Manager you can be. Taking the step and investigating how to embed best-practice Project Management processes and tools into your organization in an appropriate way is the way to become the best company you can be.

The key skills that are addressed within the courses include Planning and Initiating a Project, Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, Project Risk Management, Managing a Project Team, and more. You can study individual topics through the online bite-size training or study for full APM, APMG, PMI® and ECITB Qualifications– whatever is appropriate for you.