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The APM Introduction to Project Management Qualification

“At its most fundamental, project management is about people getting things done” – Dr Martin Barnes, APM President 2003-2012

At every level in an organisation, there is a focus on getting things done, whether high level or on the ground, objectives need to be achieved. At ground level, it is so important to give team members and support staff an awareness of project management. It is so important for two reasons. Firstly, support staff and junior project team members will be able to contribute more effectively to projects and initiatives. Secondly, you will be setting them up to succeed as they grow within your organisation. Solid foundations mean better buildings. It is the same with project managers. Support staff are those who are in contact with project teams, who support a particular function or who supply into the project team. Sometimes it is tempting to ignore them from Project Management training, but in our opinion, do not do this. If support staff know context, meanings, definitions and more, they will be better able to communicate and interact with project staff and therefore much more able to give your teams what they need.

So if we are agreed that junior members of project teams and support staff should be given the right basic training, it follows that we should consider enrolling them on the APM Introductory Certificate: The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification.

What is it? And who is it for?

The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification is the entry level qualification from the Association for Project Management. It is for anyone wishing to demonstrate a fundamental awareness of project management.

No prior knowledge or project management experience is required for this qualification, which covers knowledge areas from the APM body of knowledge 6th edition.

It really is an ideal starting point for those new to project management. Any organisation that is involved in projects will find that by having all staff in the project environment using and understanding standardised terminology, efficiency and morale will be greatly increased. When project staff understand communications clearly, it means that they can feel valued and part of the knowledge group.

In a survey undertaken by the APM this year, 97% of qualification takers said that this qualification gave them an excellent introduction to project management. 99% of those asked also feel they now have a broad understanding of the principles of the profession.

The syllabus assesses the key elements of the project management lifecycle and covers knowledge areas from the APM Body of Knowledge, including planning and scheduling, communication, teamwork, resource management, project risk management and project reviews.

Assessment is through a 60 question, multiple choice examination, taken over 1 hour.

20/20 Business Insight are an accredited provider of the APM Fundamentals Qualification and can offer bespoke in house, online or 2 day classroom based study.