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Training Solutions

In today’s economy, people are an organisation’s most important asset and few are as important as the project managers and team leaders charged with leading the business through challenging times.

20/20’s learning and development team have extensive experience in delivering high-impact programmes – crucially linking learning strategies to business strategies. By assessing business and learning needs, 20/20 can design and project manage a learning programme using flexible resources. These resources can be drawn from workshops, coaching, mentoring, self-study or online learning resources to suit individual learning styles –delivering business benefits in a flexible way that does not impact organisational effectiveness.

As with every other stage in our consulting pathway, the emphasis in this stage is on appropriate training. Sheep dipping is not us. If we have conducted the previous stages, then we will have already identified what skills are needed within your organisation in order for you to be able to reach your goals (Gap Analysis). we will have identified what skills and competencies you already have (Competency Framework) and we will have a clear plan and roadmap as to how to bring the latter up to the former (Blueprinting). In addition, we may have the platform to hold information and process maps to further enhance the efficiency of the training (PDS).

The benefits of training and having an informed and consistently educated workshop are wide and largely acknowledged. However, the effects of not delivering appropriate training to your teams can be:

  • Not meeting your obligations as an employer
  • Not having enough qualified project staff to satisfy contract requirements
  • Not having enough qualified project staff to satisfy scope requirements
  • A lack of staff retention – HR targets fro retention are not being met
  • A perceived lack of progression within your workforce
  • Best-practice not being adhered to consistently in your organisation
All of these issues can be addressed by providing appropriate training. The word “appropriate” here is crucial, as delivering inappropriate training can indeed make some of these issues worse.

The benefits of appropriate training include:

  • Higher retention
  • More highly qualified people
  • a greater knowledge base in your organisation
  • Greater consistency of knowledge and application
  • A greater understanding of context
  • The appropriate application of knowledge to the workplace
  • The bridging of the gap between Project Management and Project Delivery
To have a look at our open course training courses, follow the links below. Do note though, we regularly develop bespoke training programmes that are identified through the Competence Framework and Gap Analysis phases. This open course list is not restrictive.

  • APM training courses (ALL LINKS TBC)
  • PMI training courses
  • ECITB training courses
  • APMG / PRINCE2® training courses
  • National Skills Academy Nuclear training courses
  • 20|20 Project Management short courses

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