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Which APM Qualification Should I Take?

Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

If you are new to working in projects, or work in a function that supports projects, the PFQ is for those wishing to gain a broad understanding of the principles of the profession and will give you a good overview of the project management ‘lifecycle’, terminology and the basic principles.  Some more experienced members of the project team will also find this course useful to learn the APM terminology before progressing to the main Project Management Qualification (PMQ), although it is not a pre-requisite.  The PFQ is available in the classroom via our public schedule or ‘in-house’ for groups and can also be taken on-line.  The course ends with a one-hour multiple choice exam (20/20’s pass rate: 97%). The exam is optional.

Project Fundamental Qualification

Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

The PMQ is the benchmark qualification for gaining all the necessary knowledge you need to manage a project directly, or work in a project team.  The course provides a breadth of knowledge in all areas of project management and covers knowledge areas from the APM Body of Knowledge, including budgeting and cost management, conflict management, communication, earned value management, leadership, negotiation, procurement, sponsorship and teamwork.

The course can be taken in a classroom via our public schedule or ‘in house’ for groups, with a 4-day workshop followed by a self-self-study gap and then a 2-day exam preparation workshop with the exam (20/20’s pass rate: 79%). The exam is a three-hour written paper. Alternatively, you can study completely on-line and then just attend the exam preparation workshop (recommended) and exam, or just the exam. The exam preparation workshop and exam are optional. It is not a pre-requisite to undertake the PFQ before the PMQ, but many find it helpful.

Project Management Qualification

Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)

Whereas the PFQ and the PMQ are purely knowledge-based qualifications, the PPQ is designed to assess your capabilities in delivery projects, programmes and portfolios.  It consists of 4 on-line study modules, each with an exam (booked via the APM’s public schedule or ‘in house’ for groups). The PMQ qualification is a pre-requisite for undertaking the PPQ. The 4 on-line modules are: professionalism and managing others; planning and control; governance; and then one elective modules (project management, programme management or portfolio management).  Each exam consists of a three-hour written paper consisting of 4 questions based on a specific scenario. On successful completion of the PPQ you would be eligible to become a Full Member of the APM (MAPM) and you would be eligible for ‘Route 1’ of the Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) qualification.

Project Professional Qualification

Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)

The Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) standard is a professional benchmark that demonstrates attainment of a defined level of technical knowledge, professional practice and ethical behaviour. It forms the basis of the assessment that applicants must pass to gain ChPP status and inclusion on the Register of Chartered Project Professionals. To undertake the ChPP you must have a proven track record delivering projects, programmes, portfolios or a key control or enabling function and; have up-to-date knowledge of current practices and methods and; be actively involved in the project management profession. There are no other pre-requisites, but we recommend that, as a minimum, you undertake the PMQ on-line to ensure that you have completed the knowledge requirements before attending.  

If you are already a Registered Project Professional (RPP), an interim qualification provided by the APM before ChPP was available, there is a ‘fast path’ called Route 2 to achieving you ChPP.  If you have the PPQ qualification you will undertake ‘Route 1’, and if you have neither you will undertake ‘Route 3’.  20/20 Provide a support package for all 3 Routes, designed to help you through every stage of your application, the development of competency statements, and preparing for your interview.  This support package is provided as part of our public schedule and ‘in house’ for groups and consists of a blend of workshops and on-line sessions (20/20’s pass rate: 97% for those that complete the support package). 
Chartered Project Professional

Bespoke Training

For in-house groups 20/20 can provide bespoke courses that embeds your organisation’s own processes, terminology or project management tools.

Competency Assessment

Many organisations find it useful to first undertake a competency assessment project for their project teams.  This helps to pin point individual, team and organisational strengths and weaknesses.  The resulting reports can include recommended personal development plans (for additional knowledge and experience) and allow 20/20 to create a cost-effective overall training programme for your organisation.

Competency Services