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5 Simple Tips to Project Manage your Summer Holiday!

The Summer holidays are here! It’s a great time to see how you can use your Project Management skills  to ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

If you’re in the early stages of your Project management career – we have many courses available for you  across the UK. 

The APM Introduction to Project Management is a great place to start.

We all spend most of the year looking forward to that all important summer break – however as the holiday  approaches the fretting and panicking begins! Are the passports in date? Will the suitcases be under that all  important weight limit? Are the transfers booked?

Even once you reach your destination and try to relax, you’re faced with dilemmas! Which restaurant to eat in? Beach or pool? How early will you have to get up to reserve the sun beds for the whole family?

Help is at hand. Follow these 5 simple steps to organise your holiday and make it stress free:
  1. Define Your Project Objectives - What is it you want from your holiday? Do you purely want time to relax or do you want thrills and adventure? Make sure you know exactly why you are going on holiday and what you want to get out of it.
  2. Set Your Scope - Set your budget and how much you are willing to be flexible with it. We all know that costs on holiday can spiral out of control if we’re not careful. Account for all possible expenditure e.g excursions out, food costs etc
  3. Plan an Itinerary - Have an idea of what you’ll be doing each day. This does not have to be set in stone and followed religiously, but understand that a trip to a local beauty spot will mean a day away from the beach.Most importantly don’t try to do too much, unless being more stressed at the end of your holiday was defined in your project objectives.
  4. Manage Quality - Do you want self catering or a 5* luxury hotel? Either way make sure you are getting value for money. Be aware of amenities and service standards available, and if they don’t meet your criteria, let someone know. Don’t be afraid to complain if service is not up to standard. All too often we don’t want to make a scene when we’re on holiday trying to relax. If you have defined your project objectives, set your scope, and planned…make sure the quality is what your deserve.
  5. Close Your Project (Holiday)! - Were you satisfied with your summer break? Make a note of what you liked and would do again. What was bad? Remember this the next time you go to book your holiday.Many of us return to the same resorts year in, year out because it’s what we know and feel comfortable with. Learn from your mistakes and go somewhere different.

We hope you have a great summer holiday and hopefully by following these helpful tips, you will return to work refreshed and relaxed. Did you spot from this article that The Project Life Cycle really can be applied to all projects!