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Online APM PMQ Study – What's involved?

The 20/20 online APM PMQ Project Management Essentials course has been created by project management professionals and is designed to help delegates achieve the APM PMQ qualification. The courseware is based upon the APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition (BOK6). This is the most up to date version at this time. The course can be accessed via a regular PC or mac, or on a tablet device, such as an iPad.

Project Management Essentials is approximately 35 hours of e-learning spread over 13 modules. Learners study at different paces, so the 35 hours is an average and you may need longer. Each unit within modules is based around a chapter of the APM’s (BOK6). You are encouraged to work through the e-learning in order but you can jump to any unit in a module from the main menu.

The main narrative of the course is set at an engineering consultancy and construction organisation called Smith Jackson Brown (SJB). The story centres on a character, Dominic, who is managing his first ever project under the guidance of a programme manager, Alan.
Alan is running a business improvement programme, and Dominic is charged with running a contract capability feasibility study. As Dominic works through the project management life cycle, and its attendant processes, his soft skills as well as his project management abilities are tested. He also encounters various stakeholders and team members.

The course features a number of formative assessments throughout, such as quizzes or decision-based questions to help learners understand the various concepts. The course is designed to be informative whilst encouraging interactive engagement through game show-style quizzes, Dragons Den style scenarios, analogies, talking head videos etc. It is not Death by PowerPoint!

At the end of each module, the learner is invited to return back to the Home Menu to take a multiple choice assessment designed to test their learning. If the course is delivered via a learning management system, the results of these assessments can be tracked. If the learner is attending a follow up face-to-face workshop, the trainer can use these results to pinpoint where additional support or time is needed.

As well as the modules, learners have additional references included within the Project Management Essentials package (these references are hosted online and are not provided in hardcopy). These include:
  • Contents of Project Management Essentials – with APM BOK 6 index numbers
  • Earned value study guide
  • APM Body of Knowledge 6th Edition
  • APM Body of Knowledge 6th Edition Reference Manual
  • APM PMQ Exam Sample paper
  • APM PMQ Exam Guidance notes
  • Exam Prep Study Guide
  • Relevant APM PMQ Updates

In addition to the reference material, the course itself has “Community of Practice” information. This information can be downloaded and/or printed in PDF format.

We also provide a support email for any support questions or online issues

An example overview of our APM PMQ online learning can be viewed here:

Tips when studying for the APM PMQ online

  • If you plan to go forward to take the APM PMQ exam, it is important that you plan to complete all modules in advance of your attendance at the Exam Preparation Workshop.
  • Be sure to make your own notes as you work through each module. The course slides are not available to print off.
  • After you complete each module we suggest that you read over the corresponding topics in the Project Management Essentials Index. This document maps the online modules against the BOK and shows those sections that are not applicable for the APM PMQ exam. If you take notes, use the BOK and attempt relevant questions from the sample paper and exam prep study guide, you will be in a great place to take the exam.
  • Be sure to read and use the extra reference material provided. It is there to aid you with your study.