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Does Your Career and Your Company Need You to Upskill? Training Now More Important Than Ever

As training providers, the benefits and ROI of training the workforce is obvious to us, but it is not quite so clear to many individuals and organisations.

The subject of skills gaps and shortages has hit the news headlines yet again this week (19/07/16 Employers warn of widening skills gap)

An increasing number of UK employers are worried that they will not be able recruit enough high-skilled employees, according to an annual CBI survey. With the ever changing economy as a result of Brexit and a change of leadership, it’s even more crucial to stay ahead of the game.

So let’s take a look at the importance of upskilling and why you need to consider training:
  1. Upskilling will help you remain employable.
  2. Roles are changing and you need to keep your skills up to date – it is important to boost your qualifications.
  3. Helps with career progression and promotion as you are investing in yourself – this puts you in a more competitive position in your industry.
  4. Makes you more valuable to your company and therefore provides you with more job security.
  5. Upskilling requires a desire to learn and grow. This illustrates a great attitude to work to your employer.
  6. If your industry hits a slump (e.g. oil and gas) you will have kept ahead of the game by upskilling.
  7. Increases your professional value and expand your capabilities.
  8. Are there areas of your work – which you do not feel less confident about? Look at training on that area to improve your success.
  9. Increase your own job satisfaction with the knowledge that you’re progressing and learning new things.
  10. Ultimately, upskilling and training can lead to greater remuneration and benefits.

These are great benefits for you as an individual. But what about the benefits of upskilling for an organisation? There are many, here are a selection:
  1. It helps you meet your obligations as an employer.
  2. Your employees will be able to better meet expectations of clients and stakeholders.
  3. You will be able to satisfy larger bid requirements if you have more qualified staff.
  4. Your staff retention rates will increase.
  5. You will have a larger knowledge base.
  6. You will have greater consistency across your delivery staff.
  7. Your teams may develop a greater understanding of context (*depending upon which courses they go on).
  8. The greater understanding of business context is critical in making projects more profitable and ultimately making the organisation more successful.
  9. Your staff will be able to more effectively apply knowledge to their workplace.
  10. Your gap between Project Management and Project Delivery will be bridged.

Committing to just a few hours training can really boost your chances of getting a new job, or doing better in your current one, and boost your company’s project effectiveness. Increase your organisation’s competitive advantage, boost the bottom line, and whether you choose to learn online or attend a course local to you, you’ll be giving yourself the best shot at the best career you can have.

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