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Bite-Sized Project Management Training

There are very few people that have the advantage of possessing a photographic memory. The majority of learners have to break their learning down into bite-sized chunks, in order to learn, maintain, and apply new knowledge.

In today’s world, that demands instant results and high-value outputs, bite-size training lets people achieve more effective learning outcomes in less time without blowing the budget. Bite-sized training is short, focused and flexible, making it easier to find time for. Consequently, learners choose to acquire and apply new skills of their own free will and therefore deliver against the competencies much sooner than with other training options.

Bite-sized learning also:
  • Improves psychological engagement. Interaction can be maximised by short, snappy, and meaningful content. Learners are encouraged to carefully process information and can concentrate completely one specific subject.
  • Bite size learning allows you to choose very specific topics without having to pay the full course price. This means that it is much easier to either up skill in a couple of areas, or fulfil the recommendations from a Competency Assessment in a cost-effective manner.
  • Allows us to learn within the limits of our working memory. Bite-size content is easier to digest, understand and remember. Once it’s in long term memory learners can remember it and transfer the knowledge to their daily tasks. Effective chunking is makes information more meaningful.
  • Improves learning results and business outcomes. For many companies, bite-sized learning allows maximum learning through minimal input. Relevant employees can learn relevant information. Training costs can be reduced whilst return on investment increases.
  • Adapts to modern-day learners. Today’s learners have endless data available via many platforms and devices. They like to learn on the go and often object to set time constraints. Bite-sized learning fits caters ideally today’s learners.

Project Management theory is vast and there is a lot to learn! If you need a refresher, or if you don’t have budget at the moment for a full course, or even if there is only one or two areas you a actually need to know about, then we would suggest that you should seriously consider the 20|20 Bite Size modules.

“The most capable and effective individuals continually look to build their knowledge and their skills. They recognise that “staying still” is not an option, as the changing demands of today’s work environment mean that new tasks and challenges are constantly emerging. ”APM BoK 6

In fact, Gottfredson and Mosher (2012) identified 5 moments of learning need:
  1. Learning for the first time.
  2. Learning more.
  3. Remembering and applying learning.
  4. Learning when things change.
  5. Learning when things go wrong.
20/20 have a suite of online project management courses which provide a perfect way of enabling you or your teams to access bite-sized chunks of information that is applicable in each of the 5 moments of learning need.