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20/20 Offer the Best Solution to Study the APM PMQ Qualification

Our APM PMQ course is structured as four days in the classroom, followed by a two day exam preparation and exam workshop approximately two weeks later. After delivering APM PMQ training for many years as an intensive five day course we decided to be the first, and as far as we know only, provider to offer the APM PMQ as a six day classroom course. We believe that this study method is more advantageous to our delegates for several reasons:
  1. The four plus two format allows you an opportunity to study between the course and exam and it adds an extra classroom day for exam preparation. Traditional five-day courses with the exam on the last day either cram the learning into three days, or do not have a comprehensive exam preparation phase. In addition, both formats allow for pre-study, but only the four-plus-two format allows for informed and targeted self-study before the exam. It is important to recognise that the APM PMQ exam is incredibly tough and is a three-hour essay-based test. Students often find that it is hard to get their knowledge down in time. Knowing the tactics and strategy for tacking the exam is critical to success.
  2. Retention of knowledge. If you cram for a course and take the exam in five straight days, the chances of retention diminish. This may mean a successful exam pass for some, but little actual future benefit to self or organisation due to lack of retention. Short-term intense learning does not necessarily become embedded in long term memory, whereas a longer course with extra time for re-reading and revision does.
  3. Learners have the time and opportunity to talk to a facilitator at least a week before the exam preparation workshop, about any subject area they need to better understand. This short period allows the candidates to address areas of weakness to a trainer before the exam. It allows for very targeted revision.
  4. The learner gets the benefits of the latest available information on the exam and techniques for addressing it. The exam prep workshop also covers exam tips and gives an opportunity to go over past exam questions.
  5. Five-day crammer formats do not meet the needs of every learning style. By structuring the course as a 4 + 2 day, we are able to make the course more enjoyable and interactive rather than “death by power point”. We build in team work, an element of competition and we endeavour to make the course fun. This is proven to increase knowledge-retention, leading to far better success rates and application of knowledge in the workplace.
  6. Pass rates have been improved using this format compared with using the more traditional, intense five-day course

We have confidence that our delegates will pass their APM PMQ first time, however if by any chance you do not get over the pass mark (currently 55%) our Guaranteed Pass allows you to take the exam again absolutely free of charge. We also offer the APM PMQ as a Blended learning solution to allow flexibility for our clients.