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FAQs for ChPP Routes 1 & 3

Q - How is the online support programme structured?

A – The programme consists of a series of webinars and 1:1 on-line
support from an experienced 20/20 Facilitator. Applicants are
briefed on the ChPP submission process and over a 5-month period
are required to write up to 4 Project Overviews and 12 Competency

Q - How many online sessions are delegates expected to attend?

A – There are 4 webinars per programme, starting with a 90 minute ‘kick-off’ webinar run via Skype and this is followed by 3 further webinars (each of 60 mins) which are run monthly. Applicants are expected to attend all the webinars as each
one covers different aspects of the ChPP submission process.

Q - What specific support is covered during these online sessions?

A – Each webinar has a specific agenda and is run by a 20/20 Facilitator. The webinar content is as follows:

Webinar 1 - Introductions, support programme overview, explanation of supporting materials, background to RPP & ChPP, understanding eligibility and assessment, Professionally Active Statement, ChPP application process overview, selecting projects and the APM Matrix Tool, writing Project Overviews, intro to the 20/20 Learning Assistant. Review of programme schedule, Q&A, next steps/actions.

Webinar 2 – Recap, support materials, APM website and submission process, APM assessment cycles, writing Competence Statements including: format, competencies professional practice criteria and scoring. CPD requirements, potential activities, example CPD Log. Review of programme schedule, Q&A, next steps/actions.

Webinar 3 – Recap, assessment cycles, APM online application form (step by step). Interview brief, including: format; professional practice questions; technical knowledge questions; code of conduct; ethics and personal summary; interview preparation and admin. Professionally Active Statement (if required). APM Membership options. Review of programme schedule, Q&A, next steps/actions.

Webinar 4 – Progress and pre-submission check. Recap on APM application process. Confirmation of practice interview dates, Q&A, next steps/actions.

Q - Will these online sessions be solely 1:1 or are there certain sessions that can be carried out in a group format?

A – The 4 webinars are run as group sessions. However, Applicants are encouraged to ask questions, either directly during the webinar or by contacting the Facilitator via email for specific queries.

Q – What 1:1 support is provided?

A – Applicants will have access to a dedicated 20/20 Facilitator for the duration of the Support Programme. Applicants are provided with Word templates to populate with the required information and these documents are submitted for review on a regular basis. The 20/20 Facilitator provides 1:1 feedback, normally via comments or tracked changes and all documents are saved in the 20/20 Learning Assistant (an on-line learning portal). Email support is available throughout the Support Programme.

Q – What documents and supporting materials will I be given?

A - Joining Instructions are issued prior to the start of each Support Programme. The JI’s include copies and/or links to documents that ChPP Applicants will require access to during the programme. APM documents can also be downloaded directly from their website.

Q - Is 6 months to complete the application process realistic?

A – Yes and no. We have some Applicants who have completed all the written documents within 4 weeks of starting the programme, whilst there are other people who have found the timescale too demanding (normally due to their projects or day job) and have needed more than 5 months to prepare their materials.

Q - Will delegates submit their project overviews/word summaries for the dedicated 20/20 facilitator to review and provide feedback on?

A – All Applicant materials will normally be reviewed by a 20/20 facilitator prior to people uploading the information in to the APM on-line submission form. Our 20/20 facilitator will provide feedback on all items submitted for review.

Q - What help is given to delegates for their CPD log?

A – Applicants are briefed on the CPD requirements for ChPP and a review of the CPD Log is included in the Support Programme. However, there is currently no requirement to upload a CPD Log when applying for ChPP Route 1 or 3.

Q - Will the practice interview be structured like the APM one?

A – Practice interviews are carried out via Skype on a 1:1 basis and follow a format very similar to the APM ChPP interview process. Questions are asked on professional practice (& technical knowledge - Route 3 only), with the questions designed to relate specifically to each Applicant’s Project Overviews. The practice interview includes ethical questions.

Q – Who is the 20/20 Facilitator for ChPP?

A - The 20/20 Facilitator will normally be David Coombes, who obtained ChPP in October 2018. David has been a 20/20 Associate Consultant since April 2017, is the Lead Facilitator for ChPP and he currently has a 100% success rate for coaching ChPP Applicants.

Q- After I have achieved my ChPP status, what do I need to do to maintain it?

A - Once you have achieved Chartered status, you will need to continue with your CPD, recording at least 35 hours per year. APM will randomly select individuals to audit each year to ensure CPD is being actively carried out.

Q- What is the annual fee to the APM for being a Chartered member?

A - To maintain your Chartership you will need to pay a fee of £80 +VAT to APM


Route 1, Online Support Package:

20/20 fees- £1,895 + VAT
APM fees- £710 + VAT

Route 3, Online Support Package:

20/20 fees- £1,895 + VAT
APM fees- £1,110 + VAT

If your question has not been answered, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for any information you may require