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About our e-learning

Watch this short video for an introduction to our new (*and impressive!) e-learning system:

This product represents the very latest in presentation and learning methods for online Project Management training. It includes self-tests, TV game Show exercises, simulated gyms (!), blogs, video and animation.

Sitting behind this is the framework and information of the APM Body of Knowledge 6 (APM BoK 6). It also incorporates the new P3 (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) elements of BoK 6.

Currently, the APMP is based upon BoK 5. This revolutionary new product includes mapping sections that ensure that you will be well prepared for the current exam.

You will have the very latest knowledge and information alongside the ability to pass the existing APMP.

A glimpse of the system:
You will become Dominic – a new Project Manager – and you will be working for a firm called SmithJacksonBrown:

At the start of your time with the company you will be taken through essential information to allow you to get started as a Project Manager:

Once you have got your feet under the door, you (Dominic!!) will be given a project of your own to manage. Your boss, Kate, will mentor you at the start and ensure that you are on course and you are learning the things you need to manage your project:

There are the occasional sessions where you are brought in to discover vital info:

There are various self-tests to ensure you are on track:

You are even brought into an “Entrepreneurs Liar” to pitch your project!!

All of the support functions and teams that you would expect in the corporate world are there to help you manage your project:

This new, cutting-edge, Project Management online learning system gives you access to the very latest self-study technology. It allows you to study for your APMP in a fun, engaging, interactive and memorable way. Available whenever you have access to the internet, this truly is the next generation of Project Management online learning.