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The importance of Project Management – by Jacob

We have been lucky enough to have had Jacob here with us for five days on work experience. Jacob is in Year 10. In five days, Jacob has gained a great understanding of what we do! He has written a piece about the importance of Project Management – and we are really impressed! Here is his article – well done Jacob!

The importance of project management and why you should take a course in it:

Many companies understand that project management is a useful skill to have in their staff however most underestimate the true importance of project management and how it can greatly improve their business as a whole in multiple areas.

The biggest priority of any business can be improved through project management, increasing profit. Some people may not understand how being more organised can help make you more money however this is untrue. For example, project management can allow a business to maximise its resources in any sector, which could range from making more phone calls in a day to fitting more boxes in a truck. The importance of project management cannot be understated as it is useful in every single business situation.

Another example of the importance of project management is how it gives you the knowledge of your remaining resources and needs of the company. This could come in the form of people, money or time. You can make use of project management training to help you determine how to estimate the resources that you will need in future projects and set realistic budgets.

Furthermore another area of importance of project management is giving your staff the skill of using and retaining knowledge. This will transfer into different areas at their place of work as well such as remembering information. This shows that a course in project management helps overall in the workplace and builds a specific skillset for your staff to transfer into their work. Research has also shown that taking your staff on a course builds loyalty and increases the chance they will stay with your company.

So, why should you study a course in project management? The first obvious answer is to gain a qualification in either APM, PMI other methodologies. This will be useful however the true value lies in the skills gained during the process which are described above, Such as increasing profit or maximising resources.

You should consider taking a project management course if you are the boss of any business, part of the management team or if you want to start up your own company in the future. Of course a qualification is beneficial to everyone however these professions would get the most out of it.

Here are a few conditions to help you find out who needs the course in your business:

  • Write down all the projects taking place in your business and who is in charge of them.
  • People who will soon be leading a project.
  • Identify those who need the course, not just want it.

Awesome job Jacob!