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The Benefits of an APM RPP Support Package

Who can apply for the RPP Designation

RPP is for anyone who has:

1. a minimum of 7 years’ experience of working in project, programme or portfolio management or in a key control function or;

2. achieved the APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) or APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ). Holders of these qualifications will undertake a reduced written submission.

This offers applicants the opportunity to achieve RPP based on prior experience or via a structured training and development route recognised through APM’s professional qualifications. RPP is available to anyone, from any professional background or industry sector, with experience of managing others in a project environment.

The RPP Standard application process

Why take a supported route via a training organisation

How is APM Registered Project Professional assessed?

The assessment process by peer assessors comprises two stages:

1. Written submission – applicants are required to provide a written submission including:

  • a record of employment history
  • an overview of at least two projects, programmes or portfolios to be used as evidence, likely to have been within the last seven years
  • answers to five sets of questions relating to the projects, programmes or portfolios. These will cover both practical competence and breadth of knowledge. Holders of PPQ or PQ will answer the practical competence questions only
  • a record of 35 hours continuing professional development (CPD) from the previous 12 months
  • details of two referees.

2. Interview – an interview lasting up to one hour focusing on validating and exploring the evidence submitted in the written submission.

The Support Package Route

  • Grew out of continual requests for help – Often as part of APM Accreditation and requirement to improve the adherence to the APM 5 Dimensions of Professionalism.
  • Initially only offered as an “In house” option to large Corporates.
  • Now offered in London, Glasgow and Aberdeen as an Open option.

The APM RPP Support Package is structured as follows:

1. Kick off meeting 

  • RPP application process, preparation / practice.
  • Selecting projects and sample competence writing.

2. 1st stage RPP application – 9 weeks

  • Completing eight competences (Or three question sets) (8 x 2 submissions).
  • Confirming and completing project descriptions.
  • Contact and agree referees.
  • 20|20 Support.

3. 2nd stage RPP portfolio of evidence – 8 weeks

  • Completing the other seven competences (remaining two question sets) (7×2 submissions).
  • Prepare and complete CPD.
  • Finalise RPP application write ups.
  • 20|20 support.

4. 2nd stage complete – RPP application preparation complete

  • Completed all 15 competences (practical and knowledge), project descriptions, and CPD.
  • 20|20 support if required.

5. Populate RPP application and send to 20|20

6. Final application package check by 20|20 – 1 week

  • 20|20 support if required.

7. Submit RPP application to APM

8. Professional interview preparation

9. In person / remotely attend interview preparation workshop at agreed time slot

  • Practice and prepare what to say.
  • 20|20 support.

10. APM professional interview

  • Agreed date and location between candidate and APM.
  • In person / remotely attend APM RPP professional interview.
  • 2-4 weeks for APM decision on awarding RPP standard.

So what are the benefits?

  • A very structured approach – with specific milestones.
  • Groups of up to 16 sharing the experience.
  • Ability to discuss experiences and appropriate submissions with peers.
  • Regular contact with 20|20 motivates applicants to “carry on”.
  • Fully supported by 20|20 – it is our Gold Standard product.
  • Very high success rate – in the last 12 months = 93%.


  • RPP represents the pinnacle for the APM, recognising the highest standard of Project Management.
  • You can do this yourself successfully... but...
  • Significant benefits in following it through with a structured support package.