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The Benefits of 20/20's Support Packages

We asked a delegate who successfully completed their Registered Project Professional using one of 20/20s support packages, what are the benefits? He talks us through why he found using 20/20 invaluable to his application and why you should seek support too.

What is you job title and responsibilities?
Project Manager - Responsible for the concept development, engineering definition and execution of major projects with capital budgets of greater than $100m.  I also manage a multidiscipline project delivery team.

Why did you decide to complete your RPP?
As a Chartered Chemical Engineer and now a practicing Project Manager I wanted to achieve the standard that is established within the APM and recognised within the industry. Additionally, I wanted to demonstrate my professional commitment to the project management profession.

Why did you decide to use a training provider for support with the RPP?
The process can be quite overwhelming at times.  By receiving the help and support from a company who are experts in their field and we able to provide advice and assistance on difficult touchpoints made the process a lot easier. Additionally, it allowed a structured and focussed approach to ensure all the milestones were met.  This is extremely helpful when you are in full time work and can easily be distracted by other commitments.

Were there any areas of difficulty? Do you think having support helped you overcome these?
The time frame leading up to the final submission was very intense due to having a day job too and other responsibilities. Also, keeping to the word limit was challenging.  By having support from 20/20, they were able to guide me through all these areas to ensure I was successful on first submission.

What would you highlight as the benefits of using a training provider to support RPP?
By using a training provider for your RPP or ChPP application, you take a very structured, timely and focussed approach to the application, something that personally, may not have been the case had I attempted it alone.  I feel that this was one of the most important factors in my successful application.

I also had the individual support of an expert assessor who was always on hand whenever I had questions and to review areas of my application to ensure they were completed as best as they could be, meaning my application really was completed to the highest of standards.

What are the benefits of completing RPP?  Are these advantageous in your job role?
There are no specific advantages to my job role however, it proves my commitment to the project management profession and shows the standard of my knowledge and expertise to my current, or future employers.  It is a personal achievement and proves my desire to continuously improve me knowledge and skills.

Will you be going for your Charter and if so, would you seek support for the process again?
I am intending on applying for Chartership and I will be seeking support from 20/20.  The benefit of having 20/20’s support through my RPP application was invaluable and I have no doubt that I will have a successful ChPP application if I were to use them again.