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Project Management Training – Beware the hidden costs

We have all heard the saying “If it seems too good to be true – it probably is”

Nowadays, most of us will trawl the internet to fully research products and services before we purchase. We are automatically drawn to special offers and low-cost options, but we often go on to find that these deals are not as good as they appear to be.

Looking for project management training is no different. Prices vary quite widely and what you get for your money also varies significantly as well.

Here are some useful questions to ask and things to consider when deciding which project management course to take and which provider to use:

  • Is the course accredited by an approved professional body?
  • Is the training provider accredited to deliver the course?
  • Does the training provider understand the industry and day to day reality?
  • Does the cost include VAT?
  • Does the cost include exam fees?
  • Are course reference materials included in the cost?
  • What course reference materials do you get?
  • Is there any pre-course activity?
  • Is the course residential?
  • Is there any tutor support via phone or email? (especially if the course is online)
  • Is there an online course which would save cost?
  • What happens if you fail the exam and what would you have to pay to re-sit?
  • What are the method of payment options for the course?
  • What are the cancellation/refund terms of the course if you are unable to attend or need to rearrange?
  • Is the provider easy to contact and do they respond to your enquiries in a precise manner?
Training and personal development is important to get right and the cheapest option is not always the best route to take. Consider the whole package before making your decision. Speak to others who have taken the course or used the company, read client testimonials or case studies and if you are in any doubt pick up the phone and ask the above questions.

20|20 Business Insight are always happy to discuss your project management training options and provide the best possible service in order for you to achieve your individual or organisational goals.