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20/20's established stable of virtual training courses

20/20 have been delivering Virtual training for our clients (including BP, Costain, and Merlin) for the last five years. A Certified Online Learning Facilitator designs all of our Virtual programmes. We use online and virtual best practices meaning we deliver specific virtual courses – not just normal training courses virtually.

Some highlights of 20/20’s virtual courses:

Session duration: 

20/20 break any programme down into a series of 2hr virtual modules. We will deliver no more than two modules in a day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Delivering more virtual sessions in a day makes it increasingly difficult to maintain the audience participation and the effectiveness of the delivery becomes diminished. For example, the APM PFQ consists of 4 x 2hr modules broken up over two days.

Class sizes: 

6-12 delegates. Virtual delivery is conducted with small groups and is interactive and participative. It uses online tools like Whiteboards, Polling, Notes, Chat, Breakout rooms and quizzes that increase engagement and enjoyment.

Instructor-led methodology: 

The value of an instructional setting is the two-way, person-to-person interaction in real-time. Virtual learning has the same interactions. While the two-way, face-to-face feature may not be of the same proximity, virtual participants can enjoy these features from the comfort of their workspace.


Virtual Learning is a live broadcast event and the sessions include several media elements such as visual, video, audio, interaction, polling, chatting, games, quizzes, tests and more. The effective integration of these components helps embed learning throughout the sessions by allowing learners to receive and retain key messages in different ways.

Learning Styles:

We have included the four learning styles in the design of our Virtual courses (reflective, conceptual, practical & creative) to enhance learner engagement.  The series of Virtual sessions provides theory (conceptual) alongside getting delegates to work in teams for experiential learning (practical & creative).  The 20/20 facilitator will also ask the delegates to consider, between sessions, how the learning is applied (reflective) in their workplace.  By combining the four learning styles, 20/20 have produced an engaging programme that suits all learning styles.

Instructional interaction and engagement: 

Using engagement tools on an instant basis, Virtual Learning enlivens and enhances the facilitation, making it engaging for the participant.

Courses available virtually:


ECITB Certificate in Project Controls
Introduction to Project Controls

Risk Management Level 1
Risk Management Level 2

Contact us for more information about our virtual project management courses: