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Competency Management

20/20, one of the leading providers of Project Management Training and consulting are delighted to announce a partnership with Comaea Ltd, the world’s leading provider of Enterprise Competency Management Solutions.

20/20 will focus on providing the Comaea platform to clients in the UK looking to develop and measure competence in Project Management. The product comes ready populated with the Association for Project Management (APM) competence framework Version 1 and Version 2 and can also be modeled to reflect the PMI Competencies.

This tool allows organisations to plan and design career pathways and career support for their Project Management communities. It enables validated self-assessments measured against industry standard frameworks mapped against job roles.

By following this approach it is possible to create a career pathway, supported by training courses which focus on the skills gaps of the individual.

Resource Management

This system allows an unprecedented level of visibility for HR, Resource, Programme and Portfolio Managers of their skilled personnel. Suddenly they can track and log skills, certifications and accreditations across their entire organisation. Unlike other systems, it has the capacity to include multiple types of competency frameworks across multiple disciplines and departments.

HR managers can track progression, improve staff engagement and increase retention rates. Having an awareness at a team level when capability in certain areas is falling away means that it can be remedied in a much more timely (and often less expensive) way.

With the tracking of certifications, it is possible to set up an alert system whereby Resource Managers or HR departments can be immediately aware of lapsed certificates and qualifications.

Career Aspiration

Another Unique Selling Point for the system is that it allows the mapping and tracking of career aspiration pathways. An individual can score themselves with their current competences and then chose an aspirational role. The system will then infill the competences needed in their chosen aspirational role and measures them against existing scores. Immediately, gaps to aspiration can be identified and a pathway to aspiration made clear.

Geographical tracking of competences

Competences can be mapped and tracked geographically. In addition to this, workforce mobilisation can be overlaid. Knowing which of your skilled personnel are willing to travel and move is like gold dust for Resource Managers.

Loading your organisational structure

Setting up the Competence Management Tool couldn’t be easier. A 20/20 consultant is available to walk you through the process step-by-step and stay by your side until the system is fully up and running. Your business areas, Job Roles and Competencies are all loaded in. The system has over 5,000 job roles and associated competences are already in the system, and there is no limit to new ones being uploaded.

"The 20/20 Enterprise Licence gives Jacobs delegates a flexible, time and cost effective learning solution with 24/7 access, reporting and on-line support. Jacobs have used other e-learning providers in the past but the 20/20 courses have exceeded our expectations in delegate usage and quality. "

Mark Banks - Project Excellence Global Lead - Jacobs Engineering

"Thank you very much for your time & effort during the course and the advice following it. I’ve no doubt in my mind that it ultimately helped me to pass and I believe I learned a lot more from you and your sessions than the provider I had last. Keep up the good work. "

PMQ Delegate - Regarding our PMQ Facilitator

"As a long time client of 2020 I continue to retain my view that they are ‘Best in Class’."


"The course is very interesting and is presented in a way that keeps the learner engaged. "

Attendee of Certificate in Project Controls course

"The Exam Preparation workshop was brilliant! The e-learning course prepared me well, but the best and most beneficial element was the workshop. My instructor was wonderful and helped guide us on where to look and how to answer the questions. A pleasurable experience from beginning to end. "

Benjamen Seed - Sellafield

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