Gap Analysis

Business Process Gap Analysis

Project Management Gap AnalysisWorking alongside you, our experienced consultants will analyse your current state of business, your operations, your management processes, procedures and tools.

The point of a Business Process Gap Analysis is to discover your goals and targets, your present position in terms of capability and what you need in order to get from where you are to where you want to be. What you need to do to “bridge the gap”. We use a combination of interviews, surveys and focus groups along with “desk top research” where we review your existing business management documents and procedures.

Conducting a Business Process Gap Analysis includes:

  • Analysing your Project Management Maturity.
  • Looking at Organisational issues.
  • Investigating the Life Cycles of the projects that your organisation works on.
  • Discovering what Project Management processes and tools you already have and comparing them to established best-practice while bearing in mind your specific target end state.

Do you find that:

  • You get different data sets for the same issues across your projects?
  • There are no set standards across projects or between teams?
  • Effectively, every project is an island?
  • your organisation has grown very quickly and there are differing standards and little commonality?

Answering yes to these sorts of questions could mean that a Business Process Gap Analysis will at least help you understand in detail the issues you face and what the barriers really are to you achieving your goals and targets. This phase is not about implementing answers, it is about discovering the true situation.

Often, an organisation might have experienced rapid growth and added new lines to their portfolio of products and services and as a result might recognise the need to develop a standardised best practice project management delivery process which is appropriate for the global nature of their operations. The project management delivery process, when complete, should be sufficiently robust to be able to competently deliver projects, while also being scalable and ‘light in touch’ to be appropriate and usable on the core work processing type projects which are undertaken across the breadth of the organisation.

Looking at the four elements above:

1.) – Organisational Project Management Maturity

We will help to make short- and long-term strategy visible to the key functions across your organisation. We will propose a model for proper delegation of authority to all levels of management and motivate managers to lead by example when it comes to compliance with the processes and procedures put in place. We will attain a professional level of project management maturity by applying industry standard best practice and improving project personnel competency development.

2.) – Organisational Issues

We will position you for successful project delivery by making sure that the core value-creating functions are understood and supported. We will clearly define the roles and responsibilities across your organisation.

3.) – Project Life Cycles

We will improve your business flow by properly mapping it and removing the bottlenecks and disconnections. We will provide a framework that will enable you to deliver your projects at a controlled pace under a controlled risk exposure and in doing so we will clearly define your project lifecycle.

4.) – Processes, Templates and Tools

We will investigate and standardise project management processes and their deliverables across your projects. We will use recognised best practice and established industry standards, but will also ensure a “lightness of touch” that establishes an overall project governance process that fits your business model.

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