Blueprinting Workshops

Project Management blueprinting workshopBlueprinting is a critical phase in developing a companies Project Management Capability.

This is where the design of the Project Delivery Framework starts, and as with all frameworks, it is critical that the foundations are correct.

20|20 organise facilitated workshops on site to land the global philosophy for Project Governance and to agree the key requirements for the consultancy project (development of the Project Management Framework).

A typical 2-day Blueprinting Workshop might cover the following topics:

  • Recap of the Gap Analysis findings and conclusions
  • Agreeing the destination – what do you want from the development?
  • Agreeing the life cycle – what phases do your projects go through and how can we represent this?
  • Project Complexity – what are the different shapes and sizes of your projects that this development should address?
  • Project Management Framework – the outline design of a frame that can be taken to the regions (key processes and/or deliverables). What can we take from the existing infrastructure?
  • Build of the Process Maps, Instructions and Templates – blueprinting the deliverables

The output of a Blueprinting Workshop is the development of the first draft of a Project Management Handbook which describes how the Project Delivery System will be structured and it gives the context back to your organisation.

This Handbook covers issues such as (this is an example and is not definitive – your specific organisation and needs will define the topics that the Handbook will cover):

  1. Introduction – Objective, Scope and Global System
  2. PDS access
  3. Project Complexity Assessment
  4. Measuring Project Success and Improvement
  5. Project Delivery
  6. Project Phases
  7. Key Project Management Processes
  8. Roles and Responsibilities
  9. Roadmap

Blueprinting is a critical phase within our Project Management consulting pathway. It really sets out the plan and moves the situation to the next phase from concept. We have the concept from the Business Process Gap Analysis. We have the capability to build systems, processes and tools. What we need at this stage is the plan, and the Blueprinting phase provides this.

Without the Blueprinting Workshop, the benefits of standardisation may not be realised, templates and processes may well end up being duplicated.

With Blueprinting Workshops comes:

  • the ability to develop a fully optimised design for the Project Delivery System.
  • the development of a completely bespoke PDS.
  • a user-friendly, intuitive and appropriate PDS.
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