At 20|20 Business Insight, our ultimate aim is to help you optimise your business and project performance. Embedding best practice project management and business management into organisations and then putting employees through training and development programmes has proved to be an optimal solution to attain competitive advantage for companies in demanding industries.

Here we show you the full end-to-end service that we can provide. Each section can also be delivered for you discreetly and as a stand-alone product.

The 20|20 Business Insight Consulting Pathway


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20|20 Business Insight service offerings:

1. Business Process Gap Analysis

Project Management Gap AnalysisA Business Process Gap Analysis is about giving you the keys to unlock your team potential, your project potential and your organisational potential.

The point of a Business Process Gap Analysis is to discover your goals and targets, your present position in terms of capability and what you need in order to get from where you are to where you want to be. What you need to do to “bridge the gap”.

Often, an organisation might have experienced rapid growth and added new lines to their portfolio of products and services and as result might recognise the need to develop a standardised best practice project management delivery process which is appropriate for the global nature of their operations. The project management delivery process, when complete, should be sufficiently robust to be able to competently deliver projects, while also being scalable and ‘light in touch’ to be appropriate and usable on the core work processing type projects which are undertaken across the breadth of the organisation.

A Business Process Gap Analysis might often analyse the current state of Project Management capability in an organisation in terms of:

  • Project Management Maturity
  • Organisational issues
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Project Management Processes and Tools

2. Blueprinting Workshops

Project Management blueprinting workshopBlueprinting is a critical phase in developing a companies Project Management Capability.

This is where the design of the Project Delivery Framework starts, and as with all frameworks, it is critical that the foundations are correct.

20|20 organise facilitated workshops on site to land the global philosophy for Project Governance and to agree the key requirements for the consultancy project (development of the Project Management Framework).

The outcomes of a blueprinting workshop can include:

  • The Project Life Cycle which covers the generic phases of your “projects”
  • Project sizing / complexity to ensure that all shapes and sizes of projects are addressed and that consistency of approach is guaranteed going forward
  • Outline specification for the Project Management Framework, including the format and platform the framework will be delivered on

3. Building a Project Management Framework 

Project Delivery System by 20|20 Business InsightThis phase delivers the system that we have identified as fit-for-purpose during the blueprinting phase.

Your Project Management Framework can be built on Sharepoint 2013 within your existing Office 365 environment, or it can be delivered to you as a hosted Software As A Service. Your documentation and processes can be tested against industry best-practice (including stakeholder, scope, schedule, cost, resource, risk and change management best-practice). The system, crucially, will be appropriate as the blueprinting phase will have identified what is necessary and what isn’t for your project environment.

The PMF is then populated with all of your specifics, and where there are gaps we will add process maps, instructions and templates.

Having a standardised and simplified global methodology brings so many benefits to organisations and teams.

4. Competence Frameworks

Project Management Competence FrameworkA Competence Framework measures employee competence in the field of Project Management to define the current levels of knowledge and experience. Where necessary it will also identify potential training needs. This will help to ensure that should training be required, the courses delivered are entirely appropriate to every person and team.

At 20|20 Business Insight, we can apply tools from the APM, the PMI or we can design a completely bespoke framework based solely on your needs. Using the APM Competency Framework as an example, it provides a robust, holistic and clear set of standards along with a comprehensive assessment method for measuring personnel against the APM’s 47 individual competencies needed for effective project management.

A Competence Framework will typically result in:

  • Findings of the individual evaluations and validation process
  • A synopsis of the key strengths and weaknesses

5. Learning and Development (Training)

Project Management training coursesAs with every other stage in our consulting pathway, the emphasis in this stage is on appropriate training. Sheep dipping is not us. If we have conducted the previous stages, then we will have already identified what skills are needed within your organisation in order for you to be able to reach your goals (Gap Analysis). We will have identified what skills and competencies you already have (Competency Framework) and we will have a clear plan and roadmap as to how to bring the latter up to the former (Blueprinting). In addition, we may have the platform to hold information and process maps to further enhance the efficiency of the training (PDS).

As an employer or employee, you may well have obligations in terms of providing or completing training. As an HR associate, you may also face pressure to increase your retention rates. As an organisation, you may well need to increase the consistency of your knowledge and the appropriate application of this to the workplace. Learning and development helps significantly with these issues.

We have a large range of training courses that can be delivered online, in-house or as part of our open course schedule. In-house and online training can be contextualised specifically for your organisation.
Project Management course calendar link

6. Corporate Accreditation Support

APM Corporate Accreditation SupportAPM Corporate Accreditation assesses your organisation’s professional development scheme and your commitment to the APM FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism. This recognition provides assurance to your key stakeholders and allows you to attract and retain the best project management talent in the country.

Becoming accredited demonstrates to the industry that you are absolutely committed to best-practice, both in terms of your inputs and your outputs.

You will be able to more easily attract the best staff as you can prove your internal processes, procedures and project infrastructure are top class. You will be able to attract more business as you can also prove that your project delivery is absolutely best-practice. Better staff, better processes, better business, better results. Putting in place the foundations that lead to Corporate Accreditation and then achieving it result in wins all the way up the corporate ladder.

20|20 Business Insight have deep experience in supporting bids for Corporate Accreditation.

In fact, we supported Petrofac through their application and they were the first ever company to achieve 25 out of 25 from the APM! You can read a case study about this on our case-study page.


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