NEW – PMI on-line training courses in multi-languages!

Multi-lingual project management learning designed to boost global business efficiency launched on three continents

Global leader 20|20 rolls out five-language learning resource across UK, EMEA and Americas

A TRAINING system designed to improve the competence and capability of project managers working on major civil construction projects such as the World Cup and Olympic Games, as well as across the global oil and gas sector, is launched today.

20|20 Online is the first resource of its kind to deliver accredited project management training in five major languages – Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and English – and is being unveiled by UK-headquartered leading international provider 20|20 Business Insight.

20|20 Business Insight established PMI Online to provide companies working on major projects with the ability to improve the project management skills of all those tasked with delivering key economic projects in growing markets in energy, and for massive civil projects with a global profile.

Tailored to meet the requirements of global industry body the Project Management Institute which, alongside the Association for Project Management sets standards for project management in business worldwide, PMI Online is being made available to organisations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

20|20 Business Insight provides global PMI and APM training to national and local government, major organisations in oil and gas, construction, the pharmaceutical sector, higher and further education and publishing.

Tony Marks, founder and chief executive of 20|20, said delivering PMI accreditation online as well as in-class across five languages is a much-needed option reducing the cost and time burden of meeting training requirements for managers.

“Making time for classroom-based learning is a major challenge in business planning terms. You want your people to have the highest level of accreditation, but don’t want to lose them for months of study over the course of a year,” says Mr Marks.

“Providing an online platform which gives organisations the opportunity to train management employees without lost-time in their regular posts is only half the issue – meeting multiple language requirements is crucial in any dynamic corporate environment.

“Our focus has been on ensuring that our PMI and APM accreditated courses are fully understandable in terms of linguistics – the importance of assuring organisations that their managers are fully conversant in their own tongue cannot be underestimated.

“Literal translation in a project management environment could have catastrophic consequences.

“20|20 Online is storyboarded, ensuring that participants work through a scenario which has the same organic flow as a conversation between colleagues – rather than facing them with a series of cut-and-pasted pages of text which lack any feeling or sense of humanity.

“Project management terminology is subject to the same subtleties as basic manners in different regions – a phrase which means something in English, when translated literally into another language may be far from appropriate.”

Mr Marks says that from a senior management, decision-making perspective training has little value if the content is misinterpreted due to dialectic shortcomings in the course material, and its delivery.

20|20 Online has been developed by 20|20 and a team of technical consultants to be fully SCORM compliant, ensuring that it can be integrated into the learning management systems of major companies without requiring reprogramming.

That factor means that potential for human error or misunderstanding through re-coding or re-translation work is removed.

20|20 Online is also deliverable in modular sections, allowing clients to use complete course content or only those sections relevant to the candidates in training.

“At the most simple level, the system is designed to train people to be more efficient, and to manage their teams and projects with greater confidence through the use of globally established best-practice principles,” adds Mr Marks.

“Ensuring that native speakers are able to manage people in their own language using those principles, but across all continents, will help to reduce the risk of poor quality work putting major projects at risk through either physical, onsite or financial mismanagement.”

20|20, headquartered in Dundee, Scotland, has international operations across the UK and the US. It delivers training courses and consulting services in every continent of the world.



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