Technip UK PM training case study

Another satisfied customer for 20|20 Business Insight. Here is a case study from Technip UK written by them for their internal newsletter…


For three years now T-MOS has been running a training scheme to add new depth to our project management capabilities – and in the process create fresh career development opportunities. Its success could now see the programme take on international dimensions.

The story

More than 50 onshore employees from various parts of the business have participated in the scheme since it was introduced in 2009 to bolster the overall level of skills in the key area of project management.

The results so far illustrate both the quality of the training involved and the commitment of the participants. Of the 47 delegates who have taken the course exam, a total of 36 have passed – a success rate of 77% that compares very favourably with the national average of 64%.

“We’re delighted with the levels of achievement attained by T-MOS delegates to date,” says Learning and Development Manager, Samantha Landsborough. “They are due a great deal of credit for their commitment to the programme.”

“The scheme is a perfect example of the options available within T-MOS to people who want to add to their capabilities and thus broaden their professional horizons.”

The programme – a formal means of validating personnel competence in the project management discipline – is run by external training provider 20|20 Business Insight.

To date, the scheme has been completed by five groups, which have included delegates from Asset Technical, Offshore Services le Trait and the Remote Systems Unit. A sixth group embarked on the programme, which is aligned with existing T-MOS processes, in August 2012.

The training schedule takes the form of an initial assessor review, followed by a four-day workshop, then an examination that can result in a formal, internationally recognised qualification from the Association for Project Management (APM).

An exam pass means accreditation at Level D of the APM standards. During the course validation process, which all candidates complete to demonstrate competency and which takes the form of an interview with an external assessor, some have gone on to achieve Level C and even Level B standards.

“Along with T-MOS management we are now looking to devise future plans for further project management training, including the possible roll-out of the initiative within A-MOS,” adds Samantha.

“As it happens, Technip University is launching a project leader development programme this year and any future UK activities will complement that.”

Candidate comments

Will Buchan, CAPEX project manager:

“The project management training I have received has been excellent. Not only have the APM courses been very beneficial in bringing a uniform practice to T-MOS and the company, but I have also been well supported by 20|20 Business Insight since the four-day course.”

Pablo Guinda, Construction & Diving Systems Deputy Manager:

“I thought the different stages of the course were very well managed by HR. I enjoyed the mixture of hands-on training and visual exercises as well as the theory.”

Craig Graham, Crane Project Engineer:

“The course greatly helped in giving me confidence and knowledge in all areas of project management, allowing me to manage small-scale projects. It is tailored to adhere to the T-MOS PM Process which is a huge benefit as all content is relevant. Overall the course was hugely beneficial in increasing awareness of my role within T-MOS.”

Thomas Baker, Crane & Hydraulic Engineer:

“It was a challenging combination of practical exercises and theory, while participation and discussion allows you to relate the topics to your role. The course expanded on my current knowledge and experience and has given me a sound base to build upon my project management skills in the future.”

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